• Oliver Withington
  • Game AI PhD Researcher
  • Supported and funded by IGGI

Hi there! My name is Oliver Withington and I am a PhD researcher based at Queen Mary University of London, with research focused on Procedural Content Generation (PCG) systems for games

My current research focus is on novel methods for visualising the output spaces of generative systems so that they can be more easily understood and compared to alternatives. Specifically, exploring whether the application of deep learning and dimensionality reduction techniques can be used to generate 2D visualisations of sets of game artefacts while preserving information about them that is relevant to game designers. If you are interested in my most recent work, please see below or visit my Google Scholar profile.

Asides from my research I am also a keen hobbiest game developer in Unity and 3D artist in Blender.

I am always keen to connect with people with similar interests, so if you would like to talk about anything to do with PCG for games, Game AI or game development then please get in touch!

Email: owithington@hotmail.co.uk
Google Scholar: Oliver Withington
Github: github.com/KrellFace
Twitter: @o_withington
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/oliver-withington/
itch.io: olliemakesgames.itch.io/
Blog: blog.owithington.co.uk